Classic Sailor Magazine Issue 4 January 2016


How does an 18th century Frigate design handle at sea? Surprisingly well we learn as the sailors of Hermione relay a new found respect for the builders and designers of historic vessels in terms of speed and manoeuvrability.

We’re also cruising to Bembridge, decoding the shipping forecast and more.

Here is the full list of contents:
Eye opener: It’s a Brest Festival year, here’s a sample of what to expect
News: Historic Ships apprentices project, plans for a new Cutty Sark to sail, Clovelly Fish Festival, Falmouth marina scheme ditched
Associations: Historical Maritime Society, Sceptre, Hurley 22, Lysander
New series: Classic Coast – Mousehole, Cornwall
Smylie’s boats: Grimsay Lobster Boats
Around the yards – Portsmouth Dockyard: IBTC moves into Boathouse 4, a big ship for Stirling’s slip, laying up a new Contessa 32, Staley and Dolly
The Post: Your favourite GRP boat? It’s a landslide for…
Andrew Bray: A sextant in one hand and Mary Blewitt in the other
Nardi’s nods: Sparkman & Stephens 34
Guest column: Sam Llewellyn: Hoovering up the fish and to hell with the consequences
Sisters in the Solent: Two families, two Harrison Butler yachts, a summer’s morning and a simple passage from the Hamble to Bembridge
London Boat Show: What to see there
London Boat Show: How to survive it – Guy Venables’ guide to some of the must-miss attractions
COVER STORY Across the Atlantic with L’Hermione. The French frigate’s captain, above talks about her great sailing ability
Dusmarie, the smack that went back to Gallipoli: Her long-term owner served there at the age of 15 and was determined to return, but that’s only part of the story
The perilous coast: Dinghy cruiser Roger Barnes nearly loses his boat when he sails into maelstrom of wind, waves and rocks off Brittany
Pioneer’s project funding guide: The secret of successful fundraising is working out what your boat will do once you’ve restored her, says Pioneer Trust’s David Tournay
Daybreak, the liveaboard Humber Keel – To her owners she’s home; to National Historic Ships she’s a Flagship
Silverleaf and chrome plating : Scottish ancestry, Kentish build, Suffolk restoration for Chinda
Rowing: Up the Thames from Docklands to Ham
Competitive, colourful and a bit crazy: it’s the Great River Race
Practical: Decoding the Shipping forecast. Listen in on Longwave, and learn how to work out what it means
Practical: Navigation: Plotting your position.
On Watch: Some things old, some things new
Tried and tested or net even on the market yet
Sailing skills: Making the turn. Get it right and you can cut your turning circle by a boat’s length.
Surveying: Assessing a GRP hull; simpler than wood, but they still have their pitfalls.
Practical: Restoring a Mirror dinghy part 2:
Finishing the outside of the hull.
Practical: Heaving mallets and boards: Des Pawson on the portable lever that gives you added strength.
Over the Yardarm, Calendar and Next Month
Christmas spirits, diary dates for 2016 and what’s in our February issue.
Artist of the Month: Janet Shearer, Cornish painter

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