Classic Sailor Magazine Issue 5 February 2016


…with a look at long keels and why they make for such seaworthy craft, two great S&S GRP classics, how it feels to own and run a smack and the inspiration of Jack London and the trials and adventures, not to mention the exorbitant costs, of his voyage of the Snark.

Full contents of February 2016:
Editorial: What kinds of boats would a classic sailor sail? The ed muses…
Golden Globe goes again: 50 years after the original round-the-world race won by Robin Knox-Johnston, it’s to be rerun, using period boats and equipment
Around the yards: Launch of a Carriacou sloop, find a Morecambe Bay prawner in Cardiff, meet the new owner of a Broads boatyard, and more…
Association news: Invitations to race with pilot cutters and on a Brixham trawler.
Classic Coast: The legacy of shipbuilding: Wivenhoe, Essex
Smylie’s boats – Tenby Luggers: only two remaining
Letters: My Seagull outboard addiction and let’s hear it for the Rival 34.
Andrew Bray: “And then the engine stopped…”
The three most useless things on a yacht restoration.
Nardi’s nods: Swan 36, “firstborn of a highly rated family”.
Cruising the Veerse Meer: Sue Lewis and partner take their gaffer to the Low Countries for a Festival in Ostend and some strange racing in the Netherlands.
She 36: British take on a Sparkman & Stephens hull design, the She 36 was – and still is – hugely popular. Peter Poland finds out why.
Running a smack: They’re the hefty and fast historic east-coast fishing boats. But what does it take to own, keep and sail one?
The long and short of keels:
Why, if long keels are traditionally thought of as the best, are fin keels so popular? We look at the pros and cons of both types.
The fine art of charter:
Pick the date, pick the place, pick the boat. We help you find the best adventures, from pole to pole, pilot cutters to Broads classics.
Jack London: to sea on the Snark
He wrote of adventures, and he went on one, with his own boat, his wife and the dream of following Slocum. But then it all went wrong.
Fairey’s designer: The life and work of Alan Burnard.
Liveaboard, lifeboat and Little Ship:
Floating home Trimilia joined the Return to Dunkirk.
Bargebuilder to the Queen:
Mark Edwards built Gloriana, and lots of more modest craft.
James Dodds: wood, water and oils
The distinctive East Coast artist, currently with a major exhibition, talks to CS about his work, his origins and his inspiration.
On Watch: New Year shopping
Kit to wear, kit to fit to your boat and something to love
Off Watch: Good books… and Guy Venables encounters a rum cove.
Basics of Navigation: Tides
Why they do what they do, and using tide tables and tidal curves.
Boat skills: ferry gliding. A neat trick if you can do it… read this and you can!
Surveying: engine and rigging
They’re over half the value of the boat… if they’re in good condition.
Restoring a Mirror dinghy: time to turn it over
Part 3 covers work on the interior.
Des Pawson’s six-knot challenge:
Or is it seven? In all the excitement we’ve lost count!
Calendar and Next Month
Events for the coming month and year, and what’s in our next issue.
The last word: Artist of the Month – Ran Ortner, surfer and seascape specialist.
All for £3.95 (or just £2 at the show!)

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