Classic Sailor Magazine Issue 9 – June 2016

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Our June issue – a bucolic feast

If you have a boat with the right draught you can get from the muddy creeks of the east coast to the rocky west of England without having to put to sea. And this month we feature a lady who did just that, using the tidal Thames and the wonderful canal system. Not only did she deliver her boat safely but she saw a completely different side of Britain where the inland waterways dictate a calmer pace as you travel through their abundant nature and picturesque vistas.

We have retired designer Chuck Paine, whose Frances 26 is a double-ended legend, telling the story of how he came to draw the instantly classic lines; what a great boat!

But if you prefer canvas to a wooden or GRP cabin then let Roger Barnes enthuse you about small boat cruising as he explains how to live in a dinghy. It’s one of those features that gets you dreaming about doing just that.

There’s much more of course! And here’s the issue in full:

News: New NHS Flagships; Herreshoff’s Reliance modelled; Pilot cutter Olga up for charter; French lock gates; Antigua Classics; Fish deaths in Chile; Seagulls in Oz

Beale Park Boat Show – 3 to 5 June. See you there! A preview of everyone’s favourite summer weekend

Around the yards: Classic A&R restored; Nancy Blackett’s mast trouble; Roeboats busy in Cork; Ratsey and Lapthorn’s new manager

Association news: Solent’s GRP Sunbeams; Enterprises at 60; Finesse rally

Classic Coast: St Ives – Jumbos, Wallis, Hepworth and more

Smylie’s boats: Scottish Fifies

The Post: Godwin’s Law, Solo serving, call for a crew list, praise for the Rival 34

Andrew Bray: Keeping it simple isn’t so simple

Nardi’s nods: Fingal 27, a Knud Reimers design

Instructors’ Tales: A battery top-up tip that left a nasty nif

Molly across England: Getting a gaffer from the Blackwater to Bristol beneath bridges

Frances 26: How Chuck Paine’s first boat came into being and a new look

The open-air life: Roger Barnes extols the delights of dinghy cruising

Sleeping beauty:  Siesta, the brand-new wooden composite 12-metre designed 75 years ago

Sailing Shtandart in a Biscay gale: A wild, wet delivery trip in the replica Russian flagship

Potato Race: a Dutch classic event. Robert Simper joins the klippers, the tjalks and the rest

This cruising life: Tentatively going tidal; Helen Lewis and the Skipper tiptoe down the Thames to the sea

Draughtsman Yachts: boatbuilder to Yorkshire; on the Humber, Joe Irving has a reputation for restoring classics

On Watch, kit for ship and crew: Night vision, solar cooking, warm shirts (as worn by Elvis) and more

Off Watch, Over the Yardarm and Shoreside: Guy joins a club; Alone at Sea, a Thames companion, places we love

Boat handling, Several good ways to stop: Sooner or later you need to pick up a berth. Nick Beck shows how

Practical: The feather-edge scarph: A step-by-step photo guide to the job

Tools: Matters of the heart: Des Pawson provides a clew to the mystery

Calendar and Next Month: Events for the coming month and year, and what’s in our next issue

The last word: The romantic night a boat… or not. Lucy L Ford recalls some less-successful occasions

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