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(In) Competent Crew. How we (hopefully) became more competent – Part Two

It's now been a couple of weeks since part one of our Competent Crew own boat tuition. Which, consisted of 3 very full days going through the RYA syllabus as well as a great deal of boat handling. You can read about it HERE . Doing it this way allowed us to tailor make a [...]

(In) Competent Crew. How we (hopefully) became more competent – Part One

Own Boat Training - Starting Somewhere. Tied up alongside. Putting the days learning into practice. What better way to improve your confidence than to undertake some own boat training. We started with Competent Crew, inviting another couple to experience it with us. The thing about owning a boat is that for the uninitiated [...]

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Sailing with whales – from an editorial: February 2017

Seeing whales at sea in their natural environment is awesome... and respectful   It was on a crossing of the Bay of Biscay on one of those days where a total lack of wind brings the sea down to a state of gently heaving glassy calm. The sky was similarly completely covered by a nondescript [...]

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Azores Shipwreck

"Sitting in Ramsgate harbour waiting for a brisk NW wind to drop before crossing the Thames Estuary, I noticed a small gaffer turn into the next berth. I offered to help with the lines and in no time she was berthed comfortably. The normal conversation when greeting a boat and its owner ensued. Where you [...]

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Nelson’s seamanship

Horatio, or Horace, Nelson as he was known when young, joined a third rate – 64-gun 160ft (49m) ship when he was 12 in March 1771, with the rank of Midshipman serving under his uncle Maurice Suckling. HMS Raisonnable was newly built at Chatham  but she was tasked for guard duty in the lower Thames. [...]

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Trading under sail – CS14

Marcus and Freya Pomeroy-Rowden explain how they built their 18th century replica three masted lugger Grayhound and for the last two seasons have been trading under sail, taking goods across the Channel and beyond... The goods have the cachet of having a very low carbon footprint but the couple explain that some of the wine [...]

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A great sailor, by a great sailor

Knox-Johnston on Tilman.   As Tilman's books are re-released under the Lodestar imprint Britain's best-known sailor Sir Robin Knox-Johnston profiles  the life of the extraordinary mountaineer sailor Bill Tilman, a high latitudes navigator whose adventurous spirit had been both tempered and fed on entering the second world war as a school leaver. Like some other [...]

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Folding knives

We're reviewing folding knives in the latest issue. They make a good Christmas present if not a stocking filler, and there are many types to choose from. For luck when giving or receiving a knife you should tape a penny to it and then the receiver should "pay" for the knife by giving that back [...]

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Sailing an Achilles 24 in Scottish waters

Join Rob Bashford as he sails his Achilles 24 through the Caledonian Canal and up the western coast of Scotland in a bid to go "over the top".  Rob gives us a basic lesson in reefing, which is a clue as why he went back the way he came... Full feature in the December-January issue. [...]

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Oysters Ahoy!

In the October-November issue of Classic Sailor, John Worrall tells of the revival of Oyster dredging by sail. Which culminates with the annual Oyster dredging match off Packing Shed Island.

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