Arthur Beale seeks investment to expand

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Having quadrupled turnover in the last four years Arthur Beale, the central London yacht chandler which can trace its origins back to the 1500s, is looking for investment to expand. Starting on March 1st 2019 the famous shop for all things sailing, which counts Sir Ernest Shackleton as a former patron, is proposing to sell 49% of its holdings to raise £367.5k.

Alasdair Flint, who took over the famous establishment in Shaftesbury Avenue four years ago with colleague Gerry Jeatt, has been able to modernise many aspects of the chandlery business without losing its heritage and charm. New products using traditi0nal materials like the Beerenberg oiled wool pullovers made without bleach or dye (2017), canvas bags and enamelware have struck a chord with a wider buying public who can now order such items online. “With minimal publicity our pullover sales have reached £75k with orders being sent out worldwide,” Alasdair comments.

A proper oiled wool sweater is a sailor’s timeless classic

And while Arthur Beale still has the character of an Alladin’s cave for sailors, and others interested in nautical clothing and equipment, the shop is run in a modern way, with regular updates to a loyal fan-base of customers, talks, practical courses (such as ropework) and book launches, modern accounting systems and the all imporant website acting as a shopwindow across the globe. In just four years the turnover quadrupled from £152k to around £700k and the company became profitable.

Alasdair now wants to expand the brand to a wider audience, capitalising on the success of the classic clothing by greatly enlarging the range, doing the same with the highly popular specialist tools and even branching out into a home brand rum.

“We need investment to promote our on-line presence and integrate our systems,” Alasdair says. “And we need to hire specialist staff to design and source new products. We’ll also  need more space and facilities to cope with increased turnover. We have created a five-year plan which could result in the Arthur Beale brand being globally recognised and synonymous with authentic nautical quality.”

“Our truly authentic London yachting brand, with links to exploration and adventure with its 500-year history, is a powerful selling point,”  he adds. “Although the company focussed on yacht chandlery during the 20th century, with branches on the South and East coast, it was originally set up as a rope maker – with a reputation for fine quality line, making the famous Alpine Club Rope used by climbers throughout the world.”

One of the company’s prized items of historic interest is a 1921 order for ice axes, rope and pulleys for the ill-fated Antarctic Quest expedition signed by its leader Ernest Shackleton just a few months before he died in South Georgia.

In proposing to make the Arthur Beale name even better known the partners have valued the company at £750k and propose to sell a 49% holding to raise £367.5k. Each share will cost £75.00 with a minimum purchase of ten shares. “We are looking for investors who will have a genuine interest in the company,” Alasdair says. “Ideally, they would help to contribute to the company’s success by offering ideas and advice. We will be offering a Share Holders Discount Card as well as the opportunity to attend a special Arthur Beale AGM – think of sailing barges and rum sampling rather than spreadsheets and PowerPoint! With a fair wind we believe the opportunity is there for Arthur Beale to be a massive success.

You can download the company’s investment summary:  HERE

The investment campaign starts on 1st March. More details will be available on our investment website:

Or early birds can register their interest by emailing

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