Clyde International Classic Yacht Festival – 2020

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A classic yacht festival on the Clyde has been announced for June 2020 by Fairlie Yacht Club. Next year has been designated “Year of Scotland’s Coasts and Waters” the club say, and in honour of some of the most respected yacht designers, Wm Fife, GL Watson, Alfred Mylne and David Boyd et al the club is extending an invitation to all classic yachts, owners and crews to celebrate the heritage of Clyde yachting in the superb scenery of the great river itself.

The dates, from the 12th to the 19th of June, 2020, are scheduled to complement the Royal Cork Yacht Club’s 300th anniversary celebrations, scheduled to run in July 2020.

“We are planning a variety of racing and activities on the water to suit all our guests,” says Fairlie YC’s notice. “One design racing, Metre Classes and Big Class (J-Class) will race with handicap designs on traditional courses.”

Yachts and period motor boats are also welcome; the club promises a lively program of social events throughout the week.

Main photo shows the 1911 Fife designed 19-Metre Mariquita racing on the Clyde against other Fife designs in one of the Fife Festivals held at Fairlie.