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Classic Sailor: A magazine for sailors, by sailors
Classic Sailor: A magazine for sailors, by sailorsWe launched with our first issue in September 2015...
Classic Sailor is bi-monthly 100 page magazine about seamanship in seaworthy boats: GRP, wood and other materials. And we cover a wide range of boating activities, from rowing to Tall Ships, yachts and workboats, events, news and maritime culture.
We want to celebrate a traditional approach to boating, covering many of the brilliant events and festivals while also passing on the skills and experience that characterise and differentiate the classic sailor. So there is a good practical section as well.
We welcome new writing especially if it inspires us and our readers to make the best of our boats!
We are sold in newsagents, on the high street and at stations and airports by WHSmiths. We are also sold and stocked in outlets overseas and have a strong subscription base in Britain and across the world.

For a sample issue please see our first edition in September 2015 and visit online here: https://issuu.com/classicsailormagazine/docs/issue_01_digital_oct15/3?e=19463728/30772364

To see a synopsis of all the magazines in our archive please use this link – https://classicsailor.com/magazine-archive/

You can buy single copies of the current or past issues from this website and you can also subscribe or buy a subscription for someone else. Just click on the Shop button on our homepage.
Our best UK price is our direct debit Annual Subscription

Fair winds! Dan Houston – Editor

The Editorial Team

Dan Houston
Dan HoustonEditor
Dan Houston edited Classic Boat magazine between 2000 and 2015. A print journalist on newspapers and magazines since 1986, he also taught night school navigation from 1993 to 2006 and instructed on practical courses. He is a world class authority on classic craft. Classic Sailor gives him editorial freedom and a broader brief for his readership.

Peter Willis
Peter WillisSub Editor
Peter Willis is our very experienced and knowledgeable sub. Peter is known for all his work with the Nancy Blackett Trust, and now lives in Woodbridge in walking distance of the Deben.
Guy Venables
Guy VenablesContributing editor
Guy Venables has had a varied career. He was a reporter and cartoonist for Classic Boat and has also worked for Private Eye, The Spectator and Punch for 25 years. He spent ten years as a stand up comedian and is now writing comedy for Radio 4 and TV. He has a passion for cocktails and other peoples’ wine cellars and is the only journalist on our team who has had death threats from ISIS. He has been pronounced dead twice.
Andrew Bray
Andrew BrayColumnist
Andrew Bray sails his 26ft (8m) fusion classic gaff yawl Maggie May out of Chichester and has become a firm fan of the gaff rig. A lifetime sailor, he is well known as the ex-editor of both Yachting Monthly and Yachting World. Andrew will have a regular column which will be entertaining and informative.
Gael Pawson
Gael PawsonContributor
Gael Pawson describes herself on her Twitter page as a lifelong sailing addict, owner of Creating Waves, writer, editor, designer, consultant specialising in marine publications, spaniel-runner, cake-baker and toddler-mum. Gael edited Yachts & Yachting magazine from 2001 to 2014. As the daughter of Des Pawson she is also steeped in maritime heritage. She is our eyes and ears in the Solent area.
Nick Beck
Nick BeckContributor
Ex IT consultant Nick Beck packed up life in the City to commission and skipper the new Pilot Cutter Amelie Rose, which he has run as a successful charter vessel since 2009. Nick and his co-skipper Diggory Rose will be writing about the practical aspects of running a traditional boat – telling it how it is, from the deck and the dock.
Chris Partridge
Chris PartridgeContributor
Chris Partridge has been rowing for fun since he was a small child helping to row the family skiff down the Thames for picnic breakfasts. He decided not to grow up and to become a journalist instead, writing about technology and fancy houses for most of the broadsheets, but mainly The Times. Today he rows three days a week on Chichester Harbour and around the Solent, with frequent forays to more distant waters. He blogs at rowingforpleasure.blogspot.com.
Sam Llewellyn
Sam LlewellynContributor
Sam Llewellyn is a maritime author of 17 novels and 14 children’s books whose style has been described as Patrick O’Brian meets Daphne Du Maurier!
His writing is informed by his own sailing experiences, especially in small gaffers like his Cornish Shrimper which he has cruised to several out-of-the-way places.
His latest novel Black Fish, is a thriller set around the fishing industry where illegal quotas can mean big money.
He also edits and runs the Marine Quarterly – a digest on maritime affairs

The Sales Team

Catherine Jackson
Catherine JacksonSales - National
Catherine’s first boating experience as a pubescent teenager scarred her for life! Her father, who built fibre glass boats, asked her to help launch one of his creations, she lost her balance and landed head fast in the mud! Her parents still laugh hysterically 35 years later when re telling the story to anybody who’ll listen.

She also worked on Classic Boat from 1998 to 2010.

Jean Camp
Jean CampSales - National
Jean has been involved in advertising and promotions with newspapers and magazines for decades including several maritime publications. She has a wealth of experience in standing at exhibitions, and can tackle most things to do with media, including photography and journalism.
You can call Jean on +44 7870 727747

The Publishing Team

Steve Philp
Steve PhilpArt Editor
Currently based in Auckland, New Zealand, Steve is the former designer of Boat International, Classic Boat and Yachting Monthly (not to mention Penthouse) and owner of a NZ built Yachting Monthly Senior plying Auckland Harbour and the Hauraki Gulf.