Packing bags… to go sailing

2019-02-12T16:01:40+00:00 February 12th, 2019|News|0 Comments

Ten cadets from Weir Quay Sailing Club spent their Saturday at Morrison’s supermarket, in Tavistock, packing bags to raise funds for their forthcoming trip on the historic 1892 Brixham Trawler Leader.

The vessel belongs to the Trinity Sailing Foundation and the charity takes disadvantaged young people, from across the UK, on residential sail training voyages. The young cadets will be setting sail, out of Brixham, in April.

The Leader, fully rigged

Club member Sue Coomber, who organised the bag pack, said: “They raised the magnificent total of £521. They worked extremely hard and looked very smart in their specially made hoodies which were designed by club secretary Rosie Hinge and generously supplied by the club. Many thanks to Weir Quay Sailing Club and to Morrisons for making us welcome.”

Trinity’s Marketing & Sales Manager, Harry Gottschalk, said: “We were all very impressed by their efforts. We do provide subsidies to help cover the cost of our sail training experiences, however, we always see better outcomes for the young people when they contribute as they feel like they have earnt their right to be on board.

“The sea is a challenging environment, one which encourages young people to get the best out of themselves. They travel to new destinations each day through their own efforts. Learning to manage a traditional sailing vessel at sea and in all conditions. While on board the young people and group leaders will sail the vessel under the direction of our professional crew, and undertake all of the duties involved: raising sail, helming, standing watch, preparing and cooking meals, cleaning the vessel above and below decks, and learning the basics of seamanship – including in many cases completing the syllabus for a Royal Yachting Association vocational qualification.

“Sail training is about much more than learning to sail it is about helping young people to discover things about themselves. It is an adventure and the experience can inspire young people, whatever their background, expanding their horizons and motivating them towards new goals. For many it is a rewarding and exciting opportunity to get away from it all. For some it is genuinely life-changing.