How do I get ashore Captain?

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How do I get ashore Captain?

This might sound a bizzare question. Surely you put on your best ‘going out’ clothes and step lightly onto the pontoon or quayside?
So what if you find yourself on a mooring or at anchor? How does each vessel ferry its guest crew ashore?To save you from ‘walk the plank’ type answers from the 1st mate, we have written an article on some of the more stylish ways to make a landing.Find out which Classic Sailing vessels carry sailing dories, rowing gigs, sweet clinker dinghies, stand up paddle boards, sit on kayaks or even find deck space for Inuit style Sea Kayaks.

Maybe to St Kilda

Footprints in the Sand

Where do you want to step ashore?

If I was going to get wet feet this winter then for me it either has to be tropical warm seas, crunchy white sand or so awe inspiring that taking spare socks and shoes is no big deal.
Bare Foot Landing options – Caribbean, Madeira, Atlantic Islands, Galapagos, Cape Town, Cape Verde, Southern Portugal, Tristan Da Cuhna, even the Falklands if you are brave.
Agnes to Southern most Ireland
Footprints in the Snow

In sub zero water temperatures of Antarctica, beach landings can be a bit more hardcore. if you want  to avoid turning your boots into ice buckets, this is the drill for a ‘wet landing’ (beaches with surf):


  1. Crew member as ‘landing assistant’ in the surf in a dry suit (with the penguins)
  2. They Spin the bow of the zodiac around so if faces the surf
  3. Guest crew sit on inflation tubes and swing legs outboard
  4. Disembark dinghy in boots off the stern of the zodiac
  5. If it goes wrong….change into shore going shoes and spare socks!!!!
A Refreshing Change 2020
Let a Portuguese Schooner show you her home waters

We now have the whole of Santa Maria Manuela’s winter and summer programme. Last newsletter we featured her diving voyages in Cape Verde, Madeira, Azores and Selvagens.
Less well known is that she was built in Lisbon – launched with her famous sister ship Creola in 1937. They fished the Grand Banks and Greenland with a fleet of small dories. Santa Maria still has a small number of sailing and rowing dories on board as well as kayaks and stand up paddle boards.
We can’t think of a more appropriate vessel to now explore the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts and showing you her blue ocean playground. Gain an enthusiastic Portuguese perspective on the Algarve Coast, Azores,  Madeira, Northern Spain and the Mediterranean.

North West Passage Update:  Tecla will soon be in Alaskan waters.

Icebergs again – (Its not over till its over)

“For me it is a strange feeling, somewhere between excitement and not wanting to go through one of those nights again. It is between adrenaline and anticipation. It is exactly why we do these amazing things and keep pushing our limits. It is almost addictive, you feel alive. Maybe the explorers from the olden day felt the same sort of thing and that is why they kept coming back to places like this, even though their fates were so uncertain and they were in real peril.

We have a strategy, a plan! Keeping close to shore, like we did in Peel, in Franklin, Larson and all the way up to Simpson strait…….

Read the full story with live updates from the ship here.

Tecla – Blue Water Ocean Passages
Antarctica Adventure
Sail the Alaskan Coast to the Aleutian Isles. Transit the Pacific to the equator & the Galapagos. Blue water sailing in the trade wind belts and into equatorial squalls and calms.
Nome-Galapagos 56 days From €4920 euros
19/09/2019 – 13/11/2019
Atlantic Adventure
54 day Atlantic Adventure aiming for St Helena and Ascension Islands. Rites of Passage: When you Cross the Equator – you are no longer a Greenhorn
Cape Town to Horta Azores
03/04/2020 – 26/05/2020
From €4320
Cape Horn
A proper rounding of Cape Horn on a tall ship with good wind angles to do it fast under sail. Roaring Forties and Furious Fifties. No shortage of albatrosses or adventure.
Easter Island to Port Stanley, Falklands
05/12/2019 – 02/01/2020
29 Days
From €4640
short breaks this autumn
Autumn Sailing from £99 – Treat yourself or a friend
Pilgrim and Provident by Peter Hunt 2019

Brixham Trawlers really are vessels built for all seasons. These incredible working vessels are out at sea more days than their modern counterparts….but the modern trawlers are no slackers either. Fresh fish and seafood is landed daily and readily to hand in Brixham.

Pilgrim has day sails and short breaks until the end of October. Skipper Richard and trusty side kick Julie have had a cracking season with guests. Wind down with them or chill our with Adam Pascoe on Provident.

Great Gifts or Weekend Breaks
Provident 28-29th Sept – One night taster Seafood special with a chef £195
Pilgrim Day Sails – 12th, 18th, 25th Sept, 9th, 22nd Oct  £99 (limited spaces left)

Pilgrim Short Breaks
21-22nd Sept – one night seafood special – 2 places left – £195
28-29 Sept- Devon Sailing Weekend – 1 night – £149
12-15th October – Explore Dartmouth & Salcombe coasts – 3 nights – £299
18-20th Oct – Autumn Blast – 2 nights £149

The rest are FULL

Adam says Hi
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