Hand, Reef and Steer: 2nd Edition by Tom Cunliffe

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An update of the standard text for gaff rig sailors of cat boats, cutters, sloops, yawls, ketches and schooners – now with updated sections on modern gaffers, replicas and the big class. This is principally a book on rigging, sail trim, and handling and surely answers most of the questions you might have about your gaffer. And while it’s a good book if you decide to sail without winches it’s also full of seamanlike advice from one of the masters of the trade.
The title, incidentally, refers to the classic sailor who could use a leadline (hand), climb aloft or get on deck to reduce sail (reef) and steer a straight course (by compass or star)…

Pub Adlard Coles 2016 £18.68 (paperback)

Or from £8.27 (inc P&P) at Amazon: HERE