Tally Ho – to a restoration?

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The Albert Strange Association is desperate to find a champion for the 47ft Strange yacht Tally Ho, built in Shoreham by Stow and Sons in 1910. Ninety years ago this great ocean racing boat was winner of the 1927 Fastnet Race. First commissioned as BETTY, as a cruiser with deep sea fishing capability, she carried the name Tally Ho from 1913 until 1971.

After a colourful life in the Pacific, including working as a fishing boat Tally Ho fell into disrepair and has been ashore for several years at Brookings Harbour in Oregon. Some work was done prior to 2010 but she is now vicariously in the care of the UK-based Albert Strange Association, with an arrangement that her hard standing is also being paid for by the ASA. And it looks like time is running out for this beautiful old lady of the Fastnet – she will be broken up if someone is not found soon (the deadline is June according to harbour authorities).

However this is not really a case of sailing her away and getting her going as you go – she is likely to need rebuilding and so it’s an enthusiast with deep pockets or a lot of skill and time.

The painting of Tally Ho and La Goleta racing to the Fastnet in 1927 is by David Cobb

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Those interested in saving her can also contact the Albert Strange Association directly: email Gordon Scott gordon@gscott.co.uk    www.gscott.co.uk

Also see: yachttallyho.com  /  www.facebook.com/yachtTallyHo


Tally Ho’s general arrangement

Ashore at Brookings Harbour, Oregon, USA