Single-Handed Sailing by Frank Mulville

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Frank Mulville (1924 – 1997) was a yachtsman of repute for his various books relating family adventures afloat. This is more of a discussion title and, as it was published in 1981 would at first appear very outdated for today’s ocean sailor. But while the techniques of sailing with electronics have so changed blue water cruising life that it would seem books like these have no current value, actually Mulville’s continuing appeal here is in the chapters devoted to the approach and mental discipline required to go off solo – especially for long distance sailing.
So his advice on getting the right sleep, keeping watch, loneliness and self-dependancy are all still relevant, and make this book valuable to anyone going single-handed. Chapters on self steering gear, rigging, how to victual and stow supplies and how to cope with heavy weather, jackstays and sail changes will also appeal – especially to anyone with a more traditional design like the GRP long keelers from the 60s and 70s. DH

Pub: Seafarer Books, paperback, Orig 1981; 1998, 184pp, £7.95, ISBN: 9780850364101