Thermal Cooking

2018-08-02T16:05:01+00:00 August 2nd, 2018|Food and drink|0 Comments

It is always a testament to design to see things meant for your boat ending up in your house. This is an astonishingly efficient, fuel-saving ‘eco-friendly thermal cooker’ with an internal pot that, once brought to the boil is put inside the locking outer “vacuum pot” and has no more need for power or gas for the next eight hours… but still keeps cooking. This enables us to make pot-based meals we’ve normally only dreamed of without using up all our gas. Not only that but, acting as a normal vacuum flask, it kept ice for four days. We’ve used one for seven years and we still find it to be groundbreaking, innovative, green and brilliant. Cookbook, bread and cake-makers sold separately. From £89.95 for the 3-L model.