Boatbuilder finds Wayfarer he built in 1988

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A well-loved Wayfarer in gleaming condition

Boatbuilder Peter Newbery-Thornton was surprised to find a wooden Wayfarer he had built as an apprentice, at the RYA Dinghy Show on Saturday March 9. The classic wooden Porter Bros Wayfarer no. 8888, in gleaming as-new condition, was in the public entrance hall when Peter, who runs Devon Wooden Boats, went for an after-show stroll on Saturday evening after a busy day promoting a new dinghy he has designed and built – the Dash 12.

“There was no-one around so the next morning I went back and discovered its year of build was 1988 which meant that I built it with Mike Shaw in the second year of my apprenticeship with Porters. Later on the Sunday the owner was at the show and came along to our stand for a chat. The Wayfarer is very well kept; he has a second plastic one for normal use and so the wooden one is for special occasions. It was great to see it in that condition and so well-loved after 31 years!”

Peter’s new dinghy design – the Dash 12

The Wayfarer, in racing condition, has been kept under cover and is all original


See more about Pete’s new dinghy at the dash dinghies webite: