Cleaner boats and cleaner oceans

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Marine 16, the supplier of products to maintain your boat inside and out, have developed the Zer0 Plastic range of cleaning products to help you save space and money, as well as plastic and chemical pollutants in our oceans.

Zer0 Plastic is a range of three products, which together can clean 95% of your vessel. Using specially selected enzymes and bacteria to tackle various areas, the product is 100% biodegradable.

It’s supplied in ‘lifetime bottles’, which will be replaced free by Marine 16 when they reach the end of their life – but in the meantime you can refill the bottles using concentrated pouches and water.

Marine 16 Director and Marine Engineer Peter Weide says, “We’re known for our diesel maintenance products, and want to use that reputation to do our bit for the environment. As well as reducing the amount of chemicals and plastic being used, there’s also a lower carbon footprint as the products are manufactured in the UK.

  “We know people have their favourite cleaning products, but the feedback we’ve had shows that Zer0 Plastic is as effective as other products people like to use.”

There are three 750ml bottles – Cabin & Heads to tackle worktops, galley, cabin, heads and showers; Deck & Sail to combat scuffs, rubbing marks, slime and even suncream; and Engine & Bilge to break down oil and grease.

The 500ml concentrate refill pouches are enough to refill the bottle a further 5 times, and when the pouch is empty, you simply screw the lid on and pop it in the post to Marine 16 using the postage paid label. The concentrate products save space on board and costs around a third less than traditional cleaning products.

Zer0 Plastic cleaning products are available to buy from and will be available in chandleries soon.

Marine 16 have enabled a discount code ‘classic sailor’ to be used so CS followers can get 50% off plus free P&P.

From Marine 16