Five Broads Hire firms join forces

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It’s not all about wooden boats

A taste of sailing on the Broads with Eastwood Whelpton

The companies that offer yachts for hire on the Norfolk Broads have formed a new marketing partnership to promote sailing holidays in the Broads National Park.

“Fifty years ago there were over 40 boatyards offering hundreds of cabin yachts for hire,” says Andy Hamilton of Eastwood Whelpton, and the Chairman of Broads Sailing.  “These have now mostly been replaced by motor cruisers, but there are still five operators offering this uniquely Norfolk experience.”

Commenting on behalf of the new ‘Broads Sailing’ group, Andy explains, “By working together and speaking with one voice to promote the magical experience of sailing a yacht on the Broads, we are seeking to ensure that this truly unique experience and local heritage will continue to be available to future generations.”

“The new ‘Broads Sailing’ brand gives us a single, stronger voice ensuring that the Broads is promoted as an exciting destination for sailing in the UK, whether we’re exhibiting at a boat show, promoting ourselves to UK and international markets, or ensuring that our views are represented with the relevant authorities and stakeholders.”

A dedicated website has been launched to act as the focal point for the joint marketing activity, featuring all of the Broads yachts for hire, both classic and modern, including live availability and a specialist advice helpline to ensure that questions are answered and that people are directed to yachts suitable for their needs.

“We need to make Broads sailing holidays easy to find online, easy to understand and easy to book,” says Andy Hamilton.

The Broads sailing holiday operators working together are:

  • Eastwood Whelpton Sailing Holidays at Upton
  • Martham Boats at Martham
  • Hunter’s Yard at Ludham

    Trad yachts at Hunters Yard

  • Swallowtail Boatyard at Ludham
  • Oliver’s Sailing Holidays at Martham Ferry

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