Sailing is a low carbon activity!

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From our friends at Classic-Sailing

In the UK we create 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide per person per year. (12000 kilos)
On average UK people weigh 72 kilos.
That’s 230 kilos per person per week, equal to 3.2 adults per week!.

When you are sailing you are creating about 53% less carbon than ashore.

Source Research Gate – Gary Kerr

You create carbon dioxide per person per week as follows –
On the Land
Infrastructure 33 Kilos 14%
Home energy 48 Kilos 21%
Travel  37 Kilos 16%
Food and Drink 56 kilos 24%
Purchases  58 Kilos 25%
Total            230 kilos    100%

* WHEREAS… On the Sea
Infrastructure (ports) 4 Kilos 2%
Home energy 4 Kilos 2%
Travel  37 Kilos 16%
Food and Drink 56 kilos 24%
Purchases (souvenirs) 8 Kilos 4%
Total                    109 kilos    47%
* Infrastructure, this is shared amongst the whole ship’s compliment.
Home energy –there will be some small energy use even when you are not there.
Travel includes getting to and from your voyage. The more sailing you do and the less engine time you need – the better for the planet.

So!  Not only is sailing good for you, its a good way to enjoy the planet!