Stentec Navigation’s new AIS

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See and be seen

For your own safety and the safety of all skippers around you, installing AIS is definitely recommended. With an AIS system on board, other AIS vessels are visible on your chart and you are also visible to other ships. With the predicted trajectory you can immediately see if a ship is on collision course.

By clicking on an AIS ship you can see, among other things, the dimensions, speed, course and the callsign. This allows you to quickly contact the ship via the VHF radio if necessary.

The new EasyTRX3 AIS transponder
The new EasyTRX3 is now available in our online shop. This robust class B AIS transponder has a waterproof and compact design and is always equipped with an internal GPS antenna, a NMEA2000 interface and an integrated splitter. With this internal splitter you can easily connect the transponder to your VHF antenna.

This new EasyTRX3 uses the SOTDMA technology. Thanks to this innovation, the AIS transponder broadcasts more often because a time slot will already been reserved. As a result, other ships with an AIS receiver will see you sooner and more often, which means you will sail more safely.

The EasyTRX3 is also available in a WiFi version. This allows you to connect the transponder wirelessly to your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

We can deliver most versions within a few days. We deliver the device fully programmed with your data.

Do you need help choosing an AIS transponder?
Then use our handy AIS decision tool on our website or contact us.



AIS in WinGPS 5 Pro and Voyager
You can connect your AIS device to WinGPS 5 Pro and Voyagerand to WinGPS Marine and WinGPS Marine + for Android. This allows you to see all AIS objects on the chart, including callsign, dimensions, course and more. Based on the speed and course WinGPS will give an alarm when a ship is on collision course.

When zooming in, the AIS vessels are shown to scale. Ideal for when you are sailing on the rivers and you cannot look around the next turn. This way you can immediately see whether the AIS object is a small pleasure craft or a large inland ship

Upgrade to WinGPS 5 Pro or Voyager
Do you already have WinGPS Navigator? Then you can upgrade to WinGPS 5 Pro or Navigator at a discounted price in our online shop. Don’t know which version of WinGPS 5 is best for you? Then click here to compare all versions.