Staying warm with wool

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Stamping around a British boatyard in winter can give you cold feet just to think about it…
But help is at hand from London chandlers Arthur Beale who have just added seaboot hose to their list of kit.
Proven in the Arctic by the Swedish Army, these knee-length boot socks are 72% British Wool with 28% polyamide for long-lasting (and normal wash-cycle) strength.

“The extra thick terry knit provides the maximum warmth, stretch and softness ensuring the foot remains sweat free,” they say.

Ideal for your seaboots or any other cold weather activities, these are also NATO Approved Clothing.

Three different sizes are available – all priced £19.50  (Including VAT at 20%). You can buy direct from AB:  HERE

Arthur Beale also has a Brand New ‘Erebus’ Pullover made from black Welsh mountain sheep wool

The chandler says: Here are just a few reasons to wear our Erebus pullover:

  • Made from oiled wool which is undyed and hasn’t been processed therefore still retaining the natural lanolin from the sheep.
  • Made in the UK from Black Welsh Mountain sheep’s wool- low carbon footprint!
  • No bleach or dye used- it is thought 17-20% of water polution is caused by dying and treating fabric.
  • Due to the natural lanolins, it will naturally shed off a short shower or spray and maintains it’s warmth even if it does get wet.
  • Naturally fire resistant! Wool is self-extinguishing unlike many synthetics- that’s why it’s the chosen material for oil rig workers and firefighters.
  • Unprocessed wool doesn’t hold sweat like man-made fibres- saves on the laundry!
  • Each pullover is individually registered with a unique serial number.

Price is £105. See it:  HERE