Tall Ships are better than adventure parks

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Big Dreams - Ocean Passages
Stay Playful 3,2,1 GO
If you are old enough to go sailing on a tall ship I guess you are no longer visually a child.
But, inside the wild child wants to come out and play. Tall ships are better than adventure parks, better than climbing frames, better than books, better than films, they are the real thing, they are dynamic and responsive to wind, waves and you.
Yes they respond to you when you steer that ship see and feel how she responds, does she go faster, slower, do the sails start to flap or does she bound forward with a bone in her teeth?
Set and trim the sails, does the speed increase, the sound in the rigging change, the deck take a new angle?
Do you get to feel the sea and salt spray on your face, magic moments, thrilling excitement, and the view is not confined to a screen however big, the sea and sky go on forever?
Stay Playful go sailing!
Explore Greenland without flying.

How to get Greenland Part 1

Yes, there are practical ways to visit Greenland without flying, overall costs are similar to voyages you join in Greenland by using planes.

Yes, it does take longer but there are lots of bonuses, less effect on the climate, many more places to play and explore on the way.

The whole journey from the beginning to end is an adventure.

Iceland to Greenland and back to Iceland
Join one of Tecla’s two voyages to Scoresby Sound in Greenland by sailing there from Isafjordur in Iceland.

From €3990

TECLA TC270720, 21 Day Arctic Sailing Expedition to East Greenland
Embark, 27/07/2020 – 18:00, Isafjordur, Iceland
Disembark, 17/08/2020 – 10:00, Isafjordur, Iceland

TECLA TC180820, 21 Day Arctic Sailing Expedition to East Greenland
Embark, 18/08/2020 – 18:00, Isafjordur, Iceland
Disembark, 07/09/2020 – 10:00, Isafjordur, Iceland

How to get to Greenland Part 2,
Denmark to Iceland

Ferry to Iceland with Smyril Line Ferries from Hirtshals in Northern Denmark to Seydisfjordur in North-Eastern Iceland.
The ferry takes just over two days and options include stops in the Faroe Islands. Mid Summer prices from about €560 return with Breakfast and sharing a Couchette.

Smyril Line Ferries

How to get Greenland Part 3
To Hitshal in Denmark
Anywhere in Europe to Hirtshals, Denmark
Lots of ways by coach and train. Coach about £60 from London.
Blue Clipper £100 off in the Caribbean
£100 off two Caribbean Voyage on Blue Clipper if Booked in January.

Explore the Windward Islands on a traditional three-masted schooner
Embark, 28/01/2020 – 14:00St George’s, Grenada
Disembark, 08/02/2020 – 10:00St George’s, Grenada
11 Days – Ref: BC280120 Now £1,385
Blue Clipper explores the Caribbean Islands of Grenada
Embark, 11/02/2020 – 14:00St George’s, Grenada
Disembark, 22/02/2020 – 10:00St George’s, Grenada
11 Days – Ref: BC110220,  Now £1,385
Stay playful in the Sun
The Biggest Baltic Season we have ever had.

20 Voyages going to such places as Stockholm, Malmo, Kalmar, Karlskrona and Gothenburg in Sweden, Aarhus and Copenhagen in Denmark, Kiel, Rostock and Sassnitz in Baltic Germany.

Two for one on Santa Maria Manuela

Lisbon to Madeira via Porto Santo a small inhabited island to the North East of Madeira.

Book a twin ensuite cabin and two go for the price of one, only €50 per person per day.

Embark, 21/03/2020 – 16:00, Lisbon, Portugal
Disembark, 29/03/2020 – 10:00, Funchal, Madeira
8 Nights – € 800 Limited places

SM210320 Full Details

Winter Sailing Choices – Landings or Way Out to Sea?
Island hopping – the joy of stepping ashore
Until you have been on a boat at sea, bouncing around and balancing your body on a heeling deck, you will never know how pleasurable it is to set foot on land and just WALK. Exploring ashore is an essential part of the voyage giving you the chance to stretch your legs, climb the nearest hill or part of a mountain, listen to bird song or smell the flowers.
Ocean Passages
Winter at Sea – Warm Ocean Sailing

For a total digital detox, you might want to step away from the land and stay at sea until the end of your holiday. On a big tall ship this is not as outrageous as it sounds. You have room to walk around the decks, find other sociable sailors when the mood takes you or tuck away in a sheltered spot with a book.

On an ocean passage there will be a watch system but 4 hours on, 8 hours off is not a bad lifestyle when the skies are blue and the horizon is empty. Some of our ships even have deck chairs….but don’t get too comfy. That gaff topsail might just have to come down.

photo – Breton bosun Luci cooking crepes to order on a trans Atlantic voyage to Brazil.

Europa to Antarctica
Antarctic 2020-21 Update – Not Full Yet

Last week the bookings opened for Europa Antarctica 2020-21 Season. This is usually a giant bun fight for places, but this year there are more stringent health checks on applicants for these remote adventures and more of an emphasis on guest crew participating in the sailing.

If you were thinking you have missed the deadline, we would say apply anyway, as there are 6 expeditions and all the Pacific voyage applications to process. As of Friday 2nd Nov,  NONE of the Antarctic or South Georgia expeditions were provisionally full. (Although some twin cabin options are no longer available.

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