Chichester Harbour Welcomes BBC Countryfile

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Chichester Harbour Conservancy has welcomed the BBC Countryfile team, for an episode which will broadcast on Sunday 26th July. Filming focused on the unique features of Chichester Harbour as well as some of the key projects taking place in the area, notably habitat restoration, scientific research into microplastics and wildlife success.

Matt Baker and Anita Rani, two of the BBC Countryfile presenters, joined Richard Craven, Director and Harbour Master, to learn about Chichester Harbour’s status as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and the Conservancy’s work.

Anita explored the Conservancy’s success with artificial Tern Rafts with Peter Hughes, the Conservancy’s Ecologist. The Tern Rafts were first installed off Thorney Island last year to great success, attracting many breeding pairs, before being re-installed for the 2020 season. Anita also met with Dr Sarah Marley to talk about the Harbour’s group of seals and how they have been impacted by lockdown.

Matt met with Dr Richard Austin, the Conservancy’s AONB Manager, to discuss the importance of Salt Marshes, whilst Anita joined Dr Corina Ciocan, Senior Lecturer in Marine Biology at the University of Brighton, to understand more about microplastics and the research being undertaken in the Harbour about this important area.

Richard Craven, Director and Harbour Master comments: “We were delighted to welcome the BBC Countryfile team to share a glimpse of what the Harbour has to offer. Chichester Harbour is a pocket sized but nationally important landscape, with a diverse range of habitats, an array of important wildlife, and a busy recreational space which usually welcomes thousands of sailors, walkers, cyclists and visitors every year. It was a privilege to share some of the key projects we’ve been working on, and we look forward to Countryfile viewers watching the programme and finding out more about this very special place.”

Filming took place in Chichester Harbour on 9th and 10th July. The episode will air on BBC1 at 7pm on Sunday 26th July.


Photo © Paul Adams

Chichester Harbour is a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The Conservancy and the National Association for Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (NAAONB) work closely with the Government, landowners, environment organisations and local communities to ensure the Harbour is conserved and cared for.

The intertidal areas across Chichester Harbour are also designated at national (Site of Special Scientific Interest), European (SPA, SAC) and international level (Ramsar site) in order to protect the diverse and fragile range of habitats.