Great seaboats and their designers

The building of Ceiba’s stem

2019-10-03T20:25:16+00:00 October 1st, 2019|Design, Maintenance|

Follow the progress of Ceiba's Stem as Lynx Guimond, co-Founder & Technical Lead takes you through the steps. Be sure to notice the technical overlay, which highlights the exact piece that Lynx is working on, or speaking about in that moment. The two ton stem is the foreward-most curve of the ship, where the figurehead [...]

Smallest boat wins Round the Island race

2019-08-17T06:09:33+00:00 July 4th, 2019|Design, News|

Sadly the camera boats were not following Eeyore... An 18 foot Cowes-based twin keeler Eeyore, won the prestigious Gold Roman Bowl, the most sought-after prize, in this year’s Round the Island Race, after a long tactical day on the water. With a crew of just three: skipper Jo Richards and his friends David [...]

No7 Hallberg-Rassy Monsun 31

2019-05-21T23:10:13+00:00 May 21st, 2019|Design|

The smallest boat that will take you anywhere... interiors are cosy, rational and incredibly spacious Nardi's Nods – By Federico Nardi of Cantiere Navale Dell Argentario. Translated by James Robinson Taylor She’s the smallest boat that will take you anywhere; neither especially fast nor a high pointer, she’s the Hallberg-Rassy Monsun 31. With more than [...]

Folkboat is faster

2018-11-20T11:29:46+00:00 November 20th, 2018|Design|

Video showing a race(!) between a Sparkman and Stephens quarter ton class design from the 1970s - the Blue Bird 25 vs a traditional Nordic Folkboat, conceived as the result of a design competition run by the Scandinavian Yacht Racing Union in 1942, and finished by Tord Sunden. The Folkboat is clearly the faster design [...]

Restoration of Ester 1901

2019-08-12T11:32:51+00:00 October 25th, 2018|Design, Maintenance|

Ester in her heyday. Click on images to expand We called her the mini Vasa - after Stockholm's famous museum ship. She is Ester, the 1901 champion racing yacht designed by Gunnar Melgren, with a dagger keel for extreme performance... and she was a Baltic racing legend. But she sank offshore in the [...]

Building a new sailing cargo ship

2018-11-16T17:04:39+00:00 October 25th, 2018|Design, Features|

  A new sailing cargo ship is being built in Costa Rica This is an exciting project! Designed to deliver carbon negative marine freight the 155ft (47m) three master is at the lofting stage with massive baulks of timber arriving to the site in the jungle where the team has assembled to build the vessel, [...]