Classic Sailor Magazine Issue 15 – April-May 2017

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75 Years of the Folkboat – the world’s most popular and versatile pocket cruiser ever. Latter day Vikings cross the Atlantic in a Long Ship. Jumping off the Tall Ship Eye of the Wind, to swim with whales.

Folkboats, in GRP or wood, are among the world’s best pocket cruisers and a great way to get afloat and sail over the horizon on a budget. We join a latter day shield maiden as she signs on as crew of the Draken Harald Hafrage – the world’s longest Long Ship to recreate the Vikings’ voyage across the Atlantic 1,000 years ago. This is a spectacular feature of how a large crew copes with living largely in the open for weeks at sea.

We have a report on the Australian Wooden Boat Festival in Tasmania, sailing on the Tall Ship Eye of the Wind on a whale-diving cruise, owning an Atalanta – Fairey’s Aircraft engineering-inspired yacht, what it’s like to be crew on the Padstow lifeboat, restoring a motor cruiser, techniques for anchoring under sail, leathering oars and how we need to clean up our act with antifouling. Plus some great kit on test, places to go, events and some 3-D marine art.

Here’s a list of the magazine’s contents in full:

Editorial: Man overboard drills and why we should practice them

Signals/News: The coming of crewless ships? Falmouth Classics, Js at St Barths,
and a Signals special on p18: the dismasting of Clyde Challenger

Around the yards: Redwings in Poole, community spirit in Beccles, Yorkshire restoration, a new Wharram cat kit

Association news: Stellas, Mike Golding for the LSC, OGA, RYA on Brexit

The Post: Your letters on a new plan to support trainee shipwrights, and a brass bottomed two and a half tonner, the Royal Corinthian Class One Design and a campaign for whales at risk of being struck by boats

Classic Coast and Smylie’s Boats: On the Lleyn peninsula and Ness skiffs

Andrew Bray: Stuff… and its cumulative effect on her waterline marks

Nardi’s nods: Senor N recommends the S&S Columbia 29 as a modern classic

Folkboats at 75: Celebrating the ever-popular pocket cruiser/racer|

The unconventional Atalanta: A distinctive solution to trailer-sailing

Tasmania boat-mania: John Quirk at the Australian Wooden Boat Festival

Tall Ship trip, with whales: Sailing Eye of the Wind in the Canaries

Pommern, the living blueprint: Want to know what wind-powered future will be like?

Out with the Padstow Lifeboat: Splashdown with a Fast Slipway Tamar class boat

The logbooks of Peter Duck: A revealing glimpse of sailing as it used to be not so long ago

The Transatlantic Viking ship voyage: The largest longship sets sail on her most challenging venture

This cruising life: The diminishing boat: Restoration by reduction, and the reluctant apprentice

Anchoring under sail: One day, if the engine gives up, you’re going to have to… This guide shows several ways of doing it

Seamanship:  Ship’s bell and watch system, Gaff yawl rigging plan and a decimal rule-of-thumb tide calculator

Making the most of marine paint: CS goes to Hull to meet Teamac

Working with leather: Very like wood, only more workable, says Dave Parker

On Watch and Off Watch: Gear, books, booze and places to go

Artist of the Month: Ben Young’s 3D glass dioramas

The Big Blue Zoo: Why do whales strand themselves?

Calendar and Next Issue: Forthcoming events, and what’s coming up in the next Classic Sailor

The last word: why Lucy L Ford prefers the ferry… Or life at 45 degrees

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Cover photo by Tim Wright of  Longship photo: Viking Nilsson

Anchoring under sail techniques


The Stella Class Features in our Association News

We have an interesting report on Conrad Colman’s dismasting and subsequent superb jury-rigging of his vessel in the Vendée, vs how a Clipper yacht, dismasted in the same storm ended up being scuppered by the Royal Navy – Photo Conrad Colman