Classic Sailor Magazine – Online

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Classic Sailor is an online magazine for all who love boats and boating and publishes news and features covering seamanship in seaworthy boats: GRP, wood and other materials. Ours is a broad approach aimed at sailors who enjoy some of the traditions of sailing and we cover a wide range of boating activities, from rowing [...]

Classic Sailor Magazine Issue 18 – October-November 2017

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In the 1926 drawing room play On Approval by Frederick Lonsdale, Maria, a wealthy widow, invites her long-time dinner companion Richard to spend a month at her house in Scotland. If she still likes him after a month together, they will marry... This issue of Classic Sailor features a similar tale, albeit under the travails of [...]

Classic Sailor Magazine Issue 17 – August September 2017

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Two of our main news stories this month are the Cheeki Rafiki Trial and the sale of the International Sailing Craft Association boats by auction. Leading features are the overnight endurance race that is the Three Rivers on the Norfolk Broads, a blow by blow account of one man's experience of the storm-ridden OSTAR (yes [...]

Classic Sailor Magazine Issue 16 – June-July 2017

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We have some great stories this month. Our coverline: Boats on a budget reflects the amazing bargains that can be snapped up at present - particularly some of the superb seaworthy glassfibre classics from the 1970s/80s... can a sailor, we asked, buy a cabin boat for less than £4K and then run it for under [...]

Classic Sailor Magazine Issue 15 – April-May 2017

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75 Years of the Folkboat – the world's most popular and versatile pocket cruiser ever. Latter day Vikings cross the Atlantic in a Long Ship. Jumping off the Tall Ship Eye of the Wind, to swim with whales. Folkboats, in GRP or wood, are among the world's best pocket cruisers and a great way to [...]

Classic Sailor Magazine Issue 14 – February-March 2017

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Eco Trading under sail, Nelson's seamanship Sea Therapy for military veterans The artist Wm Wyllie's sailing life and boats     Read the issue online: HERE We're all at sea this month, with our cover featuring how the lugger Grayhound is making a living for her owners by shipping cargo with a paying crew. Horatio Nelson went [...]

Classic Sailor Magazine Issue 13 – December 2016 – January 2017

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Our December-January issue – some great winter reading. Containing a broad range of contents, from cruising an Achilles 24 through the Caledonian Canal and up the west coast of Scotland to a comprehensive review of folding knives. Practical articles cover reefing, anchoring techniques for the scope of your cable, restoring a wooden gaffer, trailers and [...]

Classic Sailor Magazine Issue 12 – October-November 2016

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Our October November issue – Man on a Mission. Dave Selby is a man after our own heart. His mission is to get more people sailing by showing them boats and sailing need not cost the earth or be the preserve of the super rich. We joined Dave in his Sailfish 18 on his way [...]