Classic Sailor Magazine Issue 16 – June-July 2017

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We have some great stories this month. Our coverline: Boats on a budget reflects the amazing bargains that can be snapped up at present – particularly some of the superb seaworthy glassfibre classics from the 1970s/80s… can a sailor, we asked, buy a cabin boat for less than £4K and then run it for under £1K? And the answer is yes… if you are a little canny. It’s based on the idea of two average earners being able to afford a boat for cash and sharing the upkeep – and it really is a great time to be getting afloat.

Next we have a biopic on Sir Ben Ainslie, by Gael Pawson, who shows how the tenacious Olympian might just be able to bring back the America’s cup to Britain… Go Ben!

We have a good story on how the John Cabot Matthew replica caravel has been turned around financially to get into profit… and we have a lifelong wooden boat nut who has “seen the light” and is happily sailing a glassfibre gaffer that looks like wood…

Here’s a list of the magazine’s contents in full:

Editorial: Losing our founding chairman and our story so far

Signals: News as the Golden Globe goes for Plymouth; Pin Mill celebrates Ransome; Maiden returns; Dunkirk film; Antigua anniversary

Around the yards: More work on Havengore; Loftus heads north; Lynher relaunched; Sussex Beach Boats; Powell’s Pellew; 3D printer

Association news: Barges to return to London; Gaffers and Luggers and more

The Post: Crewless ships – your views, Coble or Cooble? Folkboat wins

Classic Coast and Smylie’s Boats: Seven Sisters and Beer Luggers

Andrew Bray: Parking problems

Nardi’s nods: No17 – The Dufour-designed Arpège

Instructor’s tales: Missing the point

A Change of heart:  Swapping ‘permanent restoration’ for a GRP Heard 28

Ben Ainslie: Gael Pawson profiles Britain’s America’s Cup contender

Spirit of Bermuda: The island’s own unique sail-trainer and Seagull races

SCOD’s law:  After restoration, Phil Russell takes his £1500 find sailing

Boats on a budget:  Buy a boat for £4,000 or less, and run it for under £1,000 a year –
can it be done? We do the sums and provide some examples

Drascombes at 50: Half a century of the legendary lugger – and news of a party

Keeping The Matthew of Bristol afloat: The financial fortunes and misfortunes of the famous replica

Sailing the Post Boat on Ullswater: And how to get the best out of this displacement dinghy

Falmouth’s fine artists: Henry Scott Tuke and Charles Napier Hemy together in one gallery

This cruising life: Casting off: Breaking free from the boatyard…  Paris here we come!

Alfred Centennial Johnson: Who was he, how did he get from America to Wales, and why?

Watch keeping: A discussion of keeping watches… Four hours too long? Try this new pattern

Des Pawson: Whipping, tallow and heaving lines

Anchoring under sail: Or rather, un-anchoring – sailing off your mooring

Joints: Making a single-lipped scarph

On Watch: Kit for crew and ship

Workmates: On Watch extra compares different models

Off Watch: Gin, books, and places to go

Artist of the Month: Anthony Osler, East Coast watercolourist

The Big Blue Zoo: The caterpillar that eats plastic, Beluga boot camp and poisoned sea lions in california

Calendar and Next Issue: Forthcoming events, and what’s coming up in the next Classic Sailor

The last word: The retirement dinghy: Sam Llewellyn on Sir Nicholas Serota’s parting gift


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